AWS UG Singapore Meetup Report (6th Jan 2016)

AWS UG Singapore Meetup Report (6th Jan 2016)のメモです。For the event details, see: AWSUG January Meet Up - AWS User Group Singapore (Singapore) - Meetup.

Presentation agenda:

Nicolas Mas: CTO, SERV - Retail Services Simplified

How deliver features using AWS infrastructure: programatically building and provisioning a stack before destroying it. This talk will explain what they do, why they do it and the tools they use (,, ansible etc.). Includes a live demo of the whole cycle.

When the developers is coding new features, they need the testing envrionment. But to get the testing environment they need to ask the operation / infrastructure guys. It takes time for the operation / infrastructure guys to create a testing environment for the developers.

Use the following tools / Web Services to fully automate the testing environment building process on AWS. This builing process takes only 10 mins or so to finish:

  • DevOps
  • ChatOps
  • Infrastructure as a Code

Presentation agenda:

Chris Forno

Did you know that you can use the AWS API via JavaScript in a web application? Why would you want to do so? We’ll work through a couple examples of applications you can build that interact with AWS from the browser and explain how they can be useful. We’ll also see how to build these apps securely (without exposing your credentials).

When engineers do 24/7 support, it is quite difficult to SSH the servers, using mobile phones.

Use the following tools / Web Services to create a hand-made Web console to access to the servers:

  • DevOps
  • PagerDuty
  • Let’s Encrypt

Presentation agenda:

Daniel Muller:System Administrator, Spuul

Cloudfront’s pitfalls and missing features: building tools around Cloudfront to boost content delivery

On some special conditions, Cloudfront cannot cache the files.

Create the Nginx cache servers on each region to control the cache behaviour and avoid the Cloudfront’s pitfalls.