The earth teaches us more about ourselves than all the books in the world, because it is resistant to us. Self-discovery comes when man measures himself against an obstacle. To attain it, he needs an implement. He needs a carpenter’s plane, or a plough. Little by little, as he walks behind the plough, the farmer forces out a few of nature’s secrets, and the truth which he uncovers is universal. In the same way the aeroplane, the implement of the airline companies, brings man face to face wit all the old problems.





  • 1: “The world does not turn round around you.”
  • 2: “Don’t say I don’t know what to do.”
  • 3: “When you resist, Take the ultimate resistance.”
  • 4: “Never do what others do.”
  • 5: “Never stay at the same place.”
  • 6: “What you see now is not all that you are seeing.”
  • 7: “Good things never last for long.”
  • 8: “Finish it anyway.”
  • 9: “Don’t do anything but what you are good at.”
  • 10: “Never start from ZERO.”
  • 11: “Be ready to throw away 3 years.”
  • 12: ” To be alive means nothing.”
  • 13: “Run away from good things.”
  • 14: “Never tell others what you are doing.”
  • 15: “You do not need friends.”
  • 16: “Consider today as it did not exist.”
  • 17: “Encounters never come again.”
  • 18: “Never do things at your own pace.”
  • 19: “Never become the TOP.”
  • 20: “Don’t aim higher.”
  • 21: “Stand on tiptoe.”
  • 22: ” You cannot do even a little thing by yourself alone.”
  • 23: “Never think about yourself.”
  • 24: “The most important thing is to let your love go on errands.”